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Our introductory training webinar to help you stop buzzing and start championing!


Does co-production seem confusing?

Do you feel overwhelmed by process, detail and the enormity of making co-production happen?

Are you frustrated that you’re organisation does not buy-in to co-production, or simply sees it as a buzzword?

Our challenge

Many of us recognise that by drawing on the talents and skills across the whole of an organisation we can improve outcomes. Including our passion to ensure that those benefiting from the service are included.In the world of co-production, the enormity of this task can feel overwhelming.

We can get bogged down in definitions, details and processes, and feel frustrated that people don’t share our passion for its value.

We can become exasperated that co-production has become a buzzword, a tick-box exercise, a tokenistic gesture.

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How we can help

But what if it wasn’t so overwhelming? What if the argument for co-production was as simple as 1-2-3? What if you felt confident that you could apply the basic principles of co-production in all your work?

At Expert Link we have over 10 years’ experience in co-production - working at individual, community, organisational, local and national government levels.

We have trained hundreds of people in the art of co-production, including individuals accessing services, frontline workers, middle management, members of senior leadership teams, commissioners, local authority leads and national Government officials.

Our Free Webinar

As leading practitioners of systems change globally, we have put together a free introductory webinar that will show you:

What co-production is and how to approach it. 

The benefits, and three principles that form the basis of all good co-production.

Finally we will show you how with these three principles you can create lasting cultural change within your communities and organisations.

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"It has inspired me to review business development practices and processes to push forward co designing, developing and mobilising services and deciding on what we do bid/want to set up."

"I will be speaking to my LA about co-production - how to do it properly and offer my support to make it happen"

"I thought the subject of co-production was brought to life in a very inspiring way."

"David is a fabulous and engaging speaker. The stories interspersed throughout the presentation made it real and served to make me start to think about how I could achieve the same."

"The thing I will continue to build upon with the organisation I currently work with is incorporating my own voice into the process - being a MH services service user myself means my experiences need to be heard by others clearly."

"I will hold onto the wisdom and power residing in the collective but especially the shoplifting anecdote reminder that transferable skills can be found in all sorts of scenarios!"

"We will include residents and ex-residents to give feedback on our move on process. For now, we only ask the relevant team, keyworker and SMT."

"Opportunity to really reflect on what it means to be and work in coproduced way"

“Lots of really helpful tips and perspectives delivered in a simple, clear and fun way”

"I really enjoyed learning about the principles as they can be transferred across multi organisations and can be used diversely."

"A great simple explanation of co-production, enabling it to be achievable."

"I already work in Co-pro from a service user perspective and this renews and reinvigorates my zest for ensuring it happens."


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