The Wealth Within

"I'd recommend this training to people who have had knocks in their self worth, whether this is significant or something as routine as lack of confidence or low self esteem." Issey

Do you want to turbo charge your career? Do you want to change yourself and your world?

If yes, then the Wealth Within is for you! This free course will help you to recognise and understand the incredible skills that you have, give you the tools you need to recognise and ask for what you want, and help you make a positive change to yourself and your world

You will learn:

  • How to get rid of the labels that are given to us and understand our stories, skills and talents.

  • The importance of giving and receiving feedback as a way of being kind to ourselves and others

  • What our values are and how these help us to connect with people

  • How to develop what we want, from a flat request to a big picture change!

The Wealth Within has been developed by people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages.


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