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Expert Link has a national network of  people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages using their wisdom to influence local and national policy.


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Policy responses

Expert Link response - MHCLG call for evidence on the Homeless Reduction Act

People from across our network identified that in their experience, little had changed  for people in terms of positive support. Challenges around gate-keeping remain, and getting suitable accommodation is harder than ever. The extra time that councils are able to work with people, whilst on the face of it a positive move, in practice is leaving people in limbo for longer, with no assurances for the future.

There is some positive work - and we were pleased to hear of some councils who are going the extra mile to ensure their services reflect the feedback they get from people who approach them for support.

Expert Link response - MHCLG consultation: Tackling Homelessness Together

Our response focused on the importance of ensuring that people with lived experience serve as equal partners on Homelessness Reduction Boards, and how the Government could look to effectively achieve this.

Report launch - Lived Experience Leadership: Rebooting the DNA of Leadership

The report calls for social purpose organisations -

'To invest in targeted, sophisticated and bespoke leadership and development support to help this community of leaders grow, ‘feel welcome’, and reconnect with wider social sector operations.'

Expert Link is delighted to have been involved. Big congratulations to all who made this happen

Expert Link response - Work and Pensions Select Committee: Universal Credit inquiry

Evidence from our community shows that monthly payments and long waiting times has had a direct impact on street begging and shoplifting.


Previous research


David Ford co-authored Hard Edges: Mapping Severe and Multiple Disadvantage in England, a seminal piece of research looking at the interaction between homelessness, mental health, substance misuse and contact with the criminal justice system

Hard Edges: Mapping Severe and Multiple Disadvantage in England

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