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Policy influencing

Creating change

Our national network is comprised of individuals, local networks and other affiliated organisations who champion coproduction.

The network influences national policy through responding to inquiries, consultations, calls for evidence, and engaging with officials and MPs.

Through our extensive network and research techniques proven to engage people experiencing multiple disadvantage we are able to provide a strong evidence base of how systems and services interact with the experiences of individuals. 


Recent work

Expert Link response - MHCLG call for evidence on the Homeless Reduction Act

People from across our network identified that in their experience, little had changed  for people in terms of positive support. Challenges around gate-keeping remain, and getting suitable accommodation is harder than ever. The extra time that councils are able to work with people, whilst on the face of it a positive move, in practice is leaving people in limbo for longer, with no assurances for the future.

There is some positive work - and we were pleased to hear of some councils who are going the extra mile to ensure their services reflect the feedback they get from people who approach them for support.