Co-production: the essential nuts and bolts

Discover the essential nuts and bolts of successful co-production!


This course will give you the essential knowledge and understanding to start to develop co-production within your community or service. It will help you address issues such as a lack of organisational buy-in, engagement from colleagues and people with lived experience, evidencing co-production and keeping up momentum.

You will learn:

Definitions of co-production and examples.

Principles of co-production.

How to incentivise colleagues and beneficiaries.

How to connect as equals.

Understand the roles and responsibilities.

How to gather the evidence of co-production.

How to keep a group motivated.

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This event is for commissioning leads, managers, frontline workers, volunteers and, those of us currently using services.

The course consists of 3 live interactive training modules, which will take place over 3 consecutive weekly instalments. When you sign up, you will be signing up for all 3 modules.

Investment is £75 per person for all three modules, with bursaries available at £25 for all three modules.

David Ford is the founder of Expert Link. He has over ten years’ experience in coproduction - working at individual, community, organisational, local and national government levels.

He has trained hundreds of people in the art of co-production, including individuals accessing services, frontline workers, middle management, members of senior leadership teams, commissioners, local authority leads and national Government officials.

David has developed numerous groups around the country, is a member of several panels and committees, including the Governments Rough Sleeper Advisory Panel and has been recognised internationally for the work he does.


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